Some of the Library collection is available in Zone A (neophilology), Zone B (nursing, medical rescue, tourism, pedagogy, sociology, physiotherapy, dietetics) and Zone C (economics, management, finance, security, IT, civil engineering, agriculture). Using the collection in the access zones is based on free access to the shelves. The partition of the book collection is conditioned by the majors and subjects taught at Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education in Biała Podlaska. Above all, the library provides basic literature required for the given fields of study as well as general and specialist encyclopedias and dictionaries.

Rules of using the zone collections:

  1. Library materials marked with red dot, available in free access zones, can be only used in these zones, while volumes marked with a green dot can borrow;
    2. The user’s own materials brought into the reading room must be reported to the librarian on duty;
    3. The user has free access to the book collection and current periodicals;
    4. Audiovisual and multimedia collections are made available by the librarian;
    5. Periodicals kept in the closed stacks must be ordered with the librarian on duty;
    6. After using the library materials, they must be handed over to the librarian on duty. The users themselves must not put the materials on the shelf.
    7. It is strictly forbidden to take the collection out to make copies. The rules of material reprography are given in the Regulations of the Library.
    8. The reading room users are required to:
    – keep quiet,
    – switch off / silence their mobile phones,
    9. Two books and two periodicals can be reserved for “one night”. The reserved collections may be collected one hour before the library closes (if they are currently not used by another user) and given back on the next day immediately after the library opens.
    10. The collection which is just on show may be borrowed for classes. The necessary materials may be collected immediately before the classes and returned immediately after the classes.
    11. The users who do not comply with the rules of sharing the library collection, may be denied the right to reserve library materials and be only shown them in the library.
    12. The books in only one copy are not made available outside.

Strefa A: neofilologia, Wypożyczalnia

tel. 83 344 99 24

Strefa B: pielęgniarstwo, ratownictwo medyczne, fizjoterapia, zdrowie publiczne, turystyka, pedagogika, socjologia

tel. 83 344 99 23

Strefa C: ekonomia, zarządzanie,
finanse, bezpieczeństwo, informatyka, rolnictwo,

tel. 83 345 62 69
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