What is the basket?

The basket is a place where you can keep the items found in the catalogue before you perform some action with them. Single items are added to the basket just as single items can be removed from it. The very fact of adding an item to the basket does not mean that this item is blocked for you to be borrowed later. But it will help you make the final decision which items from the basket to borrow.

The icon above the bibliographical description provides the information whether a given item is added to the basket.

In order to go to the basket, just click the icon in the upper right corner of the page. The number in a small red circle tells you how many items are currently in your basket.

Is the basket permanent?

Partly. The basket data are stored on the side of the browser (in the so called local warehouse). Thanks to this, you can close the browser, open it on another day and your basket will still be full. However, if other people use the computer on the same profile, they will be able to modify or clear the basket.

The basket is currently not saved to your user account. Therefore, there is no easy way of ‘transferring’ the basket between computers or browsers. This functionality is to be implemented.

What can you do with the basket?

After displaying the basket (the icon in the upper right corner of the page), all the items added to the basket will be displayed. You can conveniently borrow the selected items here or sign up for the waiting queue.

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